The 10 most overrated players in recent years


Let’s be clear, we’re talking about a boy from 1991, so he has plenty of time to prove his worth. But objectively at this time, he has largely disappointed expectations. After the extraordinary year in Pescara, led by Zeman, he can no longer play on those levels, collecting three opaque seasons with the jersey of his city. And to say that in Naples they were already rubbing their hands.


Quick wing and dribble born, exploded with the jersey of Sporting Lisbon and then bought by Manchester United. For many, he was considered the ‘godson’ of Cristiano Ronaldo. Yet he certainly did not meet expectations. He plays seven seasons with the Red Devils, but apart from the two years 2010-2012, he has never shone. To give a shock to his career, in 2014, he decided to return to Portugal, returning to the operation that brought Rojo to Manchester United.


Born in Belgium, he signs his first real contract with Standard Liege, the famous Belgian team. After two excellent seasons, he is immediately spotted by Everton, who pays 18 million to ensure his sporting performance. The player becomes an idol of the fans, in fact at Goodison Park is offered for sale a wig that recalls his afro hair. With the Toffees, he played five good seasons, shining especially in the last one, when he scored 11 goals in the Premier League and attracted the attention of Manchester United. The Red Devils, in 2013, offer the beauty of 33 million euros, making a very welcome gift to Moyes, his former coach. However, the Belgian midfielder will not be able to show off, on the contrary, his performance will be decidedly negative, proving to be a remarkable flop.


About ten years ago, a certain Bojan made his way into the song of Barcelona. The boy has always burned the stages. In the youth teams, he was permanently placed in the higher categories than his own, while in the First Team he recorded many records linked to his beginnings and early goals. After having scored 648 goals in eight years of Masia, the Spanish striker became part of the ‘big’ squad. With the Blaugrana jersey, he plays four seasons, winning many trophies (even if it’s an alternative to the first ones). It seems a predestined, but in reality, his career in a short time undergoes sudden braking. In 2011 Roma decided to focus on him by paying 12 million euros into the coffers of Barca, but his parenthesis in the Giallorossi will be mediocre. The following year Milan tried to pick him up by buying him up on loan with redemption rights, but this time to the Spaniard disappointed expectations. In 2013 it’s the turn of the third consecutive loan, this time to Ajax. Bojan couldn’t even wake up in Holland, so Barca, in 2014, freed himself definitively, giving him up to the English of Stoke City.


Exploded at home, with the Santos jersey, in 2004 he decided to move to Europe, accepting the offer of the Port. After two good seasons in Portugal, Werder Bremen signs a cheque for about 6 million and puts him at the centre of his new project. The German fantasist lives his best moment, showing himself both in the Bundesliga and in the international arena. Juventus is looking for a player that will allow him to make the leap in quality and fill the void of Nedved, in fact, he decides to spend 25 million euros for the Brazilian, but the outcome will not be as expected. Diego turns out to be an incredible flop, showing remarkable character limits. After a year he goes back to Germany, to Wolfsburg, but here he fights with the coach and lives another troubled season. Atletico Madrid took advantage of it and in 2011 bought it on loan: in Spain the Brazilian won a Europa League, scoring a goal in the final. When the loan is over, he returns to Wolfsburg, where he will remain for another year and a half collecting 13 goals in the Bundesliga. In January 2014 Simeone takes him back to Atletico, contributing to the victory of a historic Liga, although as an alternative to the owners. At the end of the season, he signs with Fenerbahce.


After a few good seasons in Brazil and Spain, the Brazilian midfielder moved to Fiorentina. In purple he is moved to the middle, playing on good levels. At the time of renewal is inserted a clause of 25 million euros. Juventus considered him a valid element and paid the amount requested, giving him the keys to the midfield. Fatal error for the Bianconeri: Melo turns out to be a remarkable flop, especially considering the purchase price. After a negative performance and the two seventh places, with the arrival of Conte, the Brazilian midfielder is put at the edge of the rose, until the transfer to Galatasaray. But also in Turkey will live a period of ups and downs.


Classic wing all smoke and no roast. He shows off with the Sporting Lisbon Jersey, immediately attracting the attention of Barcelona, a club with which he signed in 2004. In Blaugrana, however, can not be confirmed, thanks to the disagreements with the coach, then back home, precisely to the Port. In Portugal, the ‘old’ Quaresma is seen again: goals, assists and many high school games. In 2008 his compatriot Mourinho decided to take him to Inter making an important offer, but also this time the Portuguese outside disappointed expectations. In the year of the triplet, he is present, but he only plays 13 matches. Too little for one with those expectations. In 2010 he decided to leave Inter, passing first to Besiktas and then to Al-Ahli. Four years later, he returned to Porto, trying to revive a career that was not exciting.


Another talent of the penultimate Belgian generation, produced by the youth of the Standard Liege. After five seasons at home, the midfielder is bought by Benfica for a sum close to 13 million euros. In Portugal, however, there is only one year left, as Zenit decides to pay the entire termination clause on the contract: 40 million euros. This is a decidedly exaggerated figure given the career and above all the value of the player. In fact, in his years in Russia, he has shown a broadening…


Forged by the youth teams of Newcastle, the English striker immediately showed off with the same age, until in the 2006/2007 vintage he became the top scorer in the reserves championship. From that moment the Magpies put him in the First Team, also making his debut in the UEFA Cup at just 17 years old. After a brief loan to Preston, Carroll was definitively launched by coach Hughton, who assigned him a starting jersey. After a few good seasons in 2011 comes sudden news just during the last day of the winter market: Liverpool has offered 41 million euros. His parenthesis with the Reds, however, is definitely negative, becoming one of the biggest flops in the history of English football and beyond. He recently switched to West Ham, but even here, beyond some physical problems, he has never shone.


His professional debut came pretty soon. At the age of 16, in fact, the young Balotelli made his debut with the First Team of Lumezzane during a Serie C match. Inter immediately caught him and took him to Milan, taking advantage of a loan with redemption rights. After dragging the Primavera Nerazzurri to victory in Viareggio and the championship, Mancini decided to take him to the First Team. The Italian striker will carve out his space both in the period with Mancio and in the Mourinho era, including the year of the triplet. However, in 2010 he became the protagonist of some gestures and non-professional behaviour towards his club and its fans. Mancini, in that technical moment of Manchester City, decides to take advantage of the opportunity and takes him to England. But even here, he alternates between ups and downs, in fact over time his situation becomes more and more complicated. At this point Galliani took advantage of it, taking it to Milan with an offer of 20 million (payable in instalments). Balotelli was again more cross than delight, as demonstrated during the Brazilian World Cup. In fact, as soon as Inzaghi sits on the red and black bench, he immediately approves his transfer. Yet Balotelli is also lucky: despite everything in 2014 comes another important offer, this time from Liverpool. After a few months, the Reds fans started not to bear it, especially for the attitude shown. It may seem strange, but in the meantime Super Mario the more badly it plays, the more it is considered.

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