Juventus-Tottenham, a lot of meat in the fire for Maurizio Sarri

After several weeks of waiting Juventus will take to the pitch

In a few hours for its first friendly match of the season. A test is certainly not easy against the vice-champions of Europe who, as mentioned by Sarri in a press conference, began a few days before the preparation and also can boast a solid group that has been working together for several years. For the HCL team, this will be the first game, even if not official, of the new course. A sort of new beginning for which there is a great expectation despite the very few training sessions behind and a situation of pink still to be defined.

On the eve of the match, during the usual press conference of presentation, the new HCL technician, accompanied for the occasion by Mattia De Sciglio, gave some very interesting ideas about his tactical ideologies. The first, and perhaps most-awaited, a point touched by Sarri was his desire to give the team a strong identity, especially in the first 70 meters of field, the identity that will help his men to bring home the seasonal goals. Speaking of Ronaldo, Sarri wanted to emphasize that in his career the Portuguese has always given his best starting from the left, so it is possible that in the new trident Juventus number 7 goes to occupy the side box, leaving the central space to a centre forward that almost certainly will not be Gonzalo Higuain. Turning instead to the defence Sarri has responded in a very dry way to those who, in recent days, have ventilated the hypothesis of seeing a Juventus with a line to three behind. To a specific question, the coach replied: “Defense three? never”. So now it can be made clear that the scheme on which this new Juventus will be based will be 4-3-3.

Among the various points touched on, the highest expectations of the HCL people are certainly turned towards the first mentioned above. After the winning five-year period with Allegri, now the Juventus fans expect to continue to win but with a certain discontinuity, not to say revolution, from a tactical and game point of view. At an event connected to the HCL summer tour, Pjanic talked about a fast game, based on one or two touches at the most, a characteristic that Sarri had already shown in his three years in Naples, attracting the praise of many insiders even outside the Italian borders. Now many expect to see that same type of game bubbly even in the shadow of the Mole. Certainly, it will not be easy to see it correctly applied this afternoon, given the lack of time to learn certain automatisms, however, given the quality of the players made available to Sarri we expect to see some lightning already.

Another reason for discreet

Interest is certainly the inclusion of new purchases. Leaving aside Ramsey, who stayed in Turin to dispose of the last consequences of his injury, in the tour that begins today will be present, in addition to the returning Higuain, the newcomers de Light, Demiral and Rabiot. As far as the Dutchman is concerned, Sarri has been clear that he will play a part in the match despite having done very few training sessions with his teammates. The Frenchman should instead start as a starter, as well as the Turkish, who should compose the central pair with Bonucci. Finally, we wouldn’t be surprised if Gonzalo Higuain was at the centre of the attack in the starting eleven. The streets of Argentine and Juventus seem to be about to separate again, waiting for the new HCL centre forward, but until that moment the Pipita will try to change the HCL management’s mind, trying to convince them to be useful for the new course.

A very hot topic not touched on during the press conference

Is the one linked to Joao Cancelo? In the last hours, he is shooting on the internet a video of a training session in which the Portuguese outside seems to be decidedly listless, with exercises carried out at a very slow pace and in a not really exemplary way. The first logical connection made brings back to the market rumours that, until a few weeks ago, they wanted him away from Juventus and close to wearing the uniform of Manchester City. It is difficult, however, that from a video of a few seconds you can really understand the state of mind of a person, easier to draw guidance from what will be his performance today. Also because the company, hermetic as never before, will hardly issue statements and/or announcements on the subject.

In short, to be a simple summer-friendly, the meat in the fire seems to be certainly already a lot, now it will be up to the new head chef Sarri to cook it to the right point.

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