How to choose the right shoes if you have flat feet?

According to world studies, flatfoot is inherent in half of the adult population of the planet, and especially women. The ability to choose the right shoes, given the characteristics of your body, is very important, as this will help provide additional protection and support while walking. And this applies to both everyday life and sports. Look best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation.

If men are not recommended to wear shoes at low speed – flat soles, then women are advised to limit themselves to the maximum in buying shoes with heels. These simple tips will help to avoid the development of flat feet and even chronic diseases.

Flatfoot is a violation of the foot, which causes changes in the knee and hip joints. Particular attention to their health should be given to those people who have a different degree of flat feet on their legs. Determining if you have flat feet is very simple – just pay attention to your shoes. With flat feet, the shoes wear out quickly on one side, that is, the load on the foot is not distributed correctly.

What sneakers to choose for sports?

If you are actively engaged in fitness, jogging or other types of physical activity, sneakers designed to maximize the fixation of the foot and provide additional protection for its arch can be ideal shoes for flat feet. Remember, sneakers should be tightly laced, and the size should correspond to the type of pronation (pronation is a way of setting the outer part of the foot when walking and running – approx. Ed.) .

For example, in the Asics brand lineup there are several models that are ideal for playing sports for people with flat feet, but Asics Gel-Kayano is a favorite . Another great option is the Nike Lunar Glide. The Nike line also has two models that are perfect for running for people with overprotection (low arch of the foot when the foot turns excessively inward – approx. Ed.) : Ultra-compact LunarGlide and bulky AirZoom. Well, do not forget about the New Balance 860, which features a variety of models for different types of flat feet. The 860 sneakers feature good heel support and foot fixation, and let’s say the 1260 enhances cushioning while running.

In addition, with transverse flatfoot, which is more common in women and in which the width of the foot increases, for fitness classes you need to choose sneakers with a wide base. Such models can be found at New Balance and Asics. It should be remembered that more budget options for the same brand may not provide sufficient depreciation, as well as support for the foot during sports. In other words, trying to save money, you can simply purchase unnecessary shoes.

If you don’t have the opportunity to choose the right shoes, orthopedic insoles that support the foot will help you. In this case, you first need to buy insoles, and only then go for sneakers. However, remember that using insoles will narrow the shoes somewhat, so you may need a larger size than you usually wear. When choosing sneakers, be sure to put the insoles inside – this will help to avoid errors in choosing the size.

Whatever the features of your foot, you can always choose the really right and high-quality shoes, the main thing is to carefully consider the choice.

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