Capital Diskette

Second year

For the second year in a row, there is Lazio among the teams that have benefited from the highest number of penalties in favour of the championship. If last year the biancocelesti had shared the record with Torino (11 penalties for both), this year to contend for it is the opposite of Roma, at 14. This means that the teams of the capital have benefited in pairs of 20.4% of the penalties granted this year and that Lazio has swallowed alone almost 10% of those whistled in the last two seasons (25 out of 255, 9.8% to be precise).

It is difficult, on such a conspicuous champion, to achieve 100% transformation, and in fact, both Lazio and Roma have failed 2 of the 14 attempts available to them. After all, no team, among those that have kicked from the diskette more than three times, has remained unblemished. Juventus (3 out of 3) and Palermo, the team least awarded by the referees, never made a mistake, scoring with Nestorovski against Samp on the only occasion they had (on day 26). Sassuolo (9 out of 10) and Sampdoria (7 out of 8) also performed well. Milan, Pescara and Torino, on the other hand, have been collecting errors from the eleven metres: five each, with the Abruzzi in particular, protagonists of a thunderous collective flop (two transformations out of seven attempts, for a 28.6% that cries out for revenge).

Cagliari, despite the unpleasant leadership in the penalty table against (12, two more than Crotone), was not the team most beaten by the diskette, as on 5 occasions the opponents of the Sardinians have not capitalized. It was worse for Udinese, who had “only” 9 penalties against them, but who paid a duty 8 times, against 7 times for Cagliari and Turin. The goalkeepers were the ones who had to pick up the ball several times behind them without a “+3” intervention or an error by others: 7 out of 7 for the opponents of Toro, a 100% achievement shared, albeit on lower volumes, by Palermo and Pescara (6 out of 6), Atalanta (4 out of 4) and Juve, beaten by Pellissier del Chievo on day 12 on the occasion of the only penalty he had to face. Genoa (4 out of 8) and Roma (2 out of 4) were the least beaten teams in percentage terms, with their 50% transformation by the opponents. Cagliari and Empoli, on the other hand, stand out in the standings of the penalty gates (4 each).

Summing up, Roma leads the ranking of bonuses/maluses associated with this specific event, with a balance (+22) 3 points higher than that of Lazio and Sassuolo. Bad instead the Turin (-12) and especially the Pescara, whose players the set of penalties for and against has subtracted a total of 17 points for the Fantacalcio.

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