How to choose the right shoes if you have flat feet?

According to world studies, flatfoot is inherent in half of the adult population of the planet, and especially women. The ability to choose the right shoes, given the characteristics of your body, is very important, as this will help provide additional protection and support while walking. And this applies to both everyday life and sports. Look best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation.

Juventus-Tottenham, a lot of meat in the fire for Maurizio Sarri

After several weeks of waiting Juventus will take to the pitch In a few hours for its first friendly match of the season. A test is certainly not easy against the vice-champions of Europe who, as mentioned by Sarri in a press conference, began a few days before the preparation and also can boast a […]

The 10 most overrated players in recent years

10. ENTHUSIASTIC LORENZO Let’s be clear, we’re talking about a boy from 1991, so he has plenty of time to prove his worth. But objectively at this time, he has largely disappointed expectations. After the extraordinary year in Pescara, led by Zeman, he can no longer play on those levels, collecting three opaque seasons with […]

5 transfers that would have a huge impact on Fantasy Football

There are absolute certainties, those that at the auction you absolutely must not let slip. There are enough, guaranteed, risks, disposable investments, not recommended. And then there are them, the classic “loose mines”. When the calcium market is intertwined with the strategies of infantrymen, the resulting mix can prove fatal. For opponents, of course. So […]