5 transfers that would have a huge impact on Fantasy Football

There are absolute certainties, those that at the auction you absolutely must not let slip. There are enough, guaranteed, risks, disposable investments, not recommended. And then there are them, the classic “loose mines”. When the calcium market is intertwined with the strategies of infantrymen, the resulting mix can prove fatal. For opponents, of course. So here are five possible summer transfers that would have a considerable impact on the upcoming Fantastic Football.


Probably one of the longest, most atrocious and – in some ways – unpleasant market fictions in the recent history of Italian football. The clash with society, then the will to stay, the claims of the wife-agent, the social rebuses. Up to the present situation: total rupture and certain goodbye. Two teams on the Argentine: Juventus and Naples. Bianconeri destination preferred by the direct concerned, blue first choice of the club. In any case, a time bomb: we are talking about a real goal machine that, with the right assistance of midfield and external attack, would potentially be 30 goals per championship. On both sides.


From suggestive hypothesis to the concrete market scenario, the step has been quite short. A few years ago Lazio tried repeatedly without success: now, at 34 years old, the Turkish striker seems to have finally decided to try the Italian experience and, in fact, to close his career in Italy. Needless to say, the game of Puglia would revolve around him. The numbers speak for themselves: 234 goals in his career, to which are added the 24 with the jersey of the national team. Yes, it could be a saving shot. And, consequently, a deal for Fantacalcio.


It’s hard, very hard. The value of the player was already clear to everyone until a couple of months ago, then the Spanish midfielder class 1996 decided to make the phenomenon in the last European Under 21. And so his market rating has skyrocketed. But the Rossoneri still want to try: there is the awareness that, made tabula rasa to start from a new coach and a season without cups, needs fresh people, motivated and quality. The feeling is that someone like Real’s jewel can guarantee a minimum loot of 4-5 goals in Serie A, combined with great continuity of performance and avalanches of assists. Who said that the Iberian tradition in Italy is negative?


No, it can’t end like this. Twelve months ago Napoli bought it from Bologna for the beauty of 28 million euros. He came from a spectacular year: 10 goals in the league, played by the champion, crazy ability to kick (and score, even on punishment) with both feet. In short, a player who seemed complete but in the Italian, for the physiological setting, for the great competition and for a context very different from the feline, has made well below expectations. Think of how and how much the Mazzarri cure could be regenerating: 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 to support Belotti, with ample freedom to give vent to his inspiration. Only dormant, not at all disappeared.


Here too, the white smoke seems light-years away. But there is a factor on which the blucerchiati can leverage that bears an unmistakable name and surname: Eusebio Di Francesco. With and thanks to him the Calabrian talent exploded in Sassuolo, reaching a market valuation that until recently exceeded 40 million euros. So it is right to think of a change of course, of the reunion of a pair that has made the black and green fans dream and that appeals to the Ligurian ones. To have at one’s side a certain Fabio Quagliarella, top scorer in charge, would be only a further stimulus to return in the double-figure of goals. And to re-enter among the pupils of the coaches.

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