10 stories of “workers” become football stars

Many of them, before venturing into the most beautiful profession in the world, but which at the beginning, and not only, ensures nothing, have been plagued by atrocious doubts.

Do you dare or not dare? Do I give up humble work in the factory or as a worker to look for the opportunity of life?

Here is the story of those who made it, but without recommendations, or rather almost all late. But this is even more beautiful. Players of D or Excellence, however, are asked not to delude themselves. 10 out of 1000 can make it…

10. Riccardo Zampagna

There’s gotta be something genetic about the career of the forgotten bombers. In addition to Vardy, in fact, also two Italian strikers arrived late at the great football have spent part of their youth struggling with activities very different from that of the centre forward.

The reference is to Christian Riganò, who has repeatedly said that he gave you to the suit as a worker until the age of 26, before realizing that the ball could really give him those joys chased for a long time, but especially in Zampagna.

The eccentric 9 Terni, who made his debut in A at the age of 30 with Messina, lived up to 24 years as an upholsterer.

Not bad for those who swept away the plaster of several defences of the great football. And in lost time, says the legend, if someone needed to get a tent set up by himself, Riccardo answered yes …

9. Graphite

Today his friend Dzeko, with whom the Brazilian won an inspiring and exciting title with Wolfsburg, is not doing very well, but at least he has always thought of being a footballer, at least when the horrors of the war in former Yugoslavia have begun to give him a break.

The meteor that today pursues a career change in the Brazilian lower categories, but that lived a moment of glory with those 28 goals scored in 2009 with Wolfsburg, has instead declared several times that he was a door to door salesman of garbage bags as a boy in Brazil.

It seems to be a customary practice there. But don’t talk about a trash career…

8. Peter Schmeichel

This is where you can really find yourself in the field of legend since the person directly concerned has never confirmed that he has played any of the many professions that have been attributed to him. Cleaner, the seller of newspaper advertising, and even seller of carpets.

Unlikely, but why not dream that it’s all true, since the career at high levels began “only” at 20 years old, late for a future champion, even more, goalkeeper.

Of course, the fact of still leading on Discovery the European edition of “Dirty Jobs”, together with those handcuffs, make the myth of Manchester United’s goal, winner of 15 trophies with the Red Devils and European Champion ’92 with Denmark, really a suspicion of the thousands of jobs mentioned above.

If it were all true, the history of the carpets would then be transformed into a counter-point: but for the opposing attackers…

7. Jamie Vardy

The England of the Ball is at the foot of the English Toni. According to some, the explosion of the Leicester bomb and of Ranieri’s team, in general, is a picture of the Premier’s crisis, which is reflected in the difficulties in the Champions League.

There may be some truth, but this must not stain the crazy race of the Foxes and the records of his gunner, which exploded late just like Toni. Vardy even got bogged down in the Conference League, our D-Series, until he was 25.

It’s impossible to dream of being able to break through with the ball, and so there’s room for the legend, who wants Vardy the worker in the grey Sheffield to pay for his studies. Now there’s no need. But while waiting for the first goal in the National team, it’s right to ask if those studies have been completed.

Then you can think about the race to Europe. Because James is a man who knows how to make dreams come true. Brick by brick, of course.

6. Carlos Bacca

On the subject of El Peluca, he has always been vague, if not shy. As well as the true origins of the nickname that accompanies him from the beginning of his career (“The Wig”).

Something strange must, in fact, be there, given that despite having been struggling with a difficult childhood, the centre forward of Milan were attributed the professions of the aspiring controller on the bus with his father and also of fisherman.

True or not, his characteristics as a lethal striker in the spaces and to snap on the edge of the offside bring him closer to those who are all day with the barrel in his hand. And he can never relax.

5. Papis Cissè

There is little to joke about the speed of the subject and the ability to get out of dangerous situations.

Because the Senegalese striker from Newcastle, who landed at the age of 20, spent the previous three years at home as an ambulance driver.

An activity that he then abandoned after landing in France, but a seemingly simple profession that requires cold blood and courage in managing the most difficult moments.

In comparison, a career without titles and with a few peaks really seems a small thing.

4. Maurizio Sarri

More or less it went as it did with the fundamental change of module in Naples. From one game to the next, Sarri understood that the best scheme for his team was not the 4-3-1-2, but the pure trident.

In the same way, 20 years ago, the Napoli coach chose to change his life from one day to the next, leaving the profitable work in the bank that would ensure him a certain future to embrace a career as a full-time coach, after having done it for years only for pleasure in the Tuscan amateur categories.

If you don’t laugh, you don’t get to laugh, but despite your wife’s shots, today you can say that Sarri won his own battle.

And that perhaps so much tactical meticulousness comes from long years behind a counter…

3. Alex Ferguson

What’s our cousin today, Mr Alex? Yes, because at the time, imagining that the baptismal name of one of the most legendary coaches in history would be accompanied by the title of nobility was really an exercise in faith impossible or almost impossible for the gruff Aberdeen.

Before the epic began in Scotland, however, the future myth of Manchester United’s bench really thought that it could become a skilled cook.

A year and a half of lessons and practice in a restaurant near Hampden Park, before the passion for the ball took shape.

But with that character, it would also have been ideal as a judge of Master Chef Uk…

2. José Mourinho

All ziti, there is the appeal of Professor José. The inflexible character seems to have been sewn especially for those end-of-year polls in which the professor of physical education pulls a little, trying to become the needle of the scale of the promotion of the boy.

But fortunately, for many players, millions of fans, and even students, the career of the Special has taken a different turn from the initial one.

Because before becoming a bench teacher, and starting as an interpreter of the late Bobby Robson, the future Mister Triplet took just one day as a “gymnastics” teacher to understand that all the time spent studying had been lost. Much better to let your players run…

1. Moreno Torricelli

The story, or rather the fairy tale, is known, but it remains the most fascinating. Once upon a time, there was a good fullback who can’t leave the hell of the D-Series. The tour of the 7 churches in Brianza is dead-end, until the arrival in the Carats.

To make ends meet, you also have to work, and then ours is a respectable carpenter, who begins to think of giving up the great dream.

All nice, but suddenly the pumpkin, forgive the wood, turns into real leather. That of a Serie A ball, because in the summer of 1992 Moreno went directly to Juventus without going from Serie C and B.

Galeotti was a friendly match and a conversation with President Boniperti.

An HCL column for 6 seasons, a fixed point also for the National team, Moreno will bring home 10 trophies, including a Champions League with the best final on the field. Everything in the house showcase. Obviously made of wood.

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